Creative Ideas


Market your program!

1. Display Art By Me posters in prominent, high-traffic areas around the school ( office,cafeteria,art room) to generate excitement and enthusiasm among students,parents and staff.

2. Exhibit sample products in creative displays at PTA/PTO meetings, in office areas,in school art room,to allow close inspection of product quality.

3. Use daily announcements in the mornings and afternoons to remind students about the program,  such as deadline date for ordering.

4. Communicate to families about the  program details and the dates for ordering  in newsletters, school website, connect-ed ( mass phone calls) , mass emails, facebook, twitter, marquee.

5. Spotlight particular products via closed circuit television to promote the program. Try having students model or show several items each day during the order period.

Example- Monday--Magnets , mouse pads
                Tuesday--T-shirts , totes
                Wednesday--Wall calendars ,water bottles
                Thursday-- Teddy bears ,towels

Hold Contests!

1. Encourage 100 % participation...classes that reach the goal could receive a recognition party,homework passes, free time outside, or whatever incentives  you come up with.

2. Hold a drawing for students that participate in purchasing items during the sale period..winner  could receive a box of  art supplies or some other gift.